Japan is unique in its own right, with an intriguing culture and social systems found nowhere else in the world.

Interesting Facts about Japan

Japan is unique in its own right, with intriguing culture and social systems found nowhere else in the world. Furthermore, while Japan is one of the most socially and technologically evolved countries on the planet, it is also known for its eccentric culture and regulations.

Here are some strange and intriguing facts about Japan that set it apart from any other location you've ever visited.

  1. After the age of 40, you are not supposed to be overweight.

    In Japan, citizens aged 40 - 74 have their waist size measured once a year. If their waist size is greater than 34" (Men) or 36" (Women), they are referred to diet and exercise specialists. Obesity has plummeted to 4% since the law's implementation, and life expectancy is higher than everywhere else in the world.
  2. To bow is to show respect

    In Japan, the bow is an essential form of greeting, and individuals strive hard to master it. The depth of the bow is important—lower bows show greater respect.

  3. People are hired to shove passengers in trains.

    Around 57% of Tokyo citizens use public transit, causing major commuter challenges. If records are to be believed, most railways are operating at more than 100?pacity. To address this issue, the city employs 'transit pushers,' who push people inside trains at rush hour.

  4. Japa are made up of islands

    Japan is made up of 6,852 islands. The islands were once connected to Asia's eastern coast until tectonic action led them to separate, forming the Sea of Japan some 15 million years ago.

  5. Take power naps at work

    Yes, you read that correctly! Napping in between tasks is encouraged because they believe it enhances workflow and speed. This also implies that you are committed to your profession and have worked long and hard for it. Some even try to fake it!

  6. 'Suicide Forest' in Japan

    There is a 'suicide forest' in Japan. The Aokigahara forest, dubbed "the perfect spot to die," has the terrible distinction of being the world's second most popular place to commit suicide. The first is The Golden Gate Bridge.

  7. Japan account for 60% of all animation-based entertainment

    Animated Japanese films and television shows (i.e., Anime) account for 60% of all animation-based entertainment in the globe. Japan's animation industry is so successful that the country has nearly 130 voice-acting schools.

  8. In Japan, more than a quarter of the population is above the age of 65.

    The Japanese population has the greatest proportion of people aged 65 and up in the world, at 28%. Over 80,000 persons in Japan are over the age of 100.

  9. Japanese trains are always punctual

    Japanese trains are among the most punctual in the world, with an average delay of only 18 seconds!

  10. Vending machines that sell practically everything

    Japan has the highest density of vending machines, with over 5 million devices, or one machine for every 23 people.  While the first machine was put up in Japan to sell cigarettes, similar machines now sell nearly anything from magazines, flowers, condoms, umbrellas, toilet paper to full meal. This vending machine culture exemplifies Japan's preoccupation with automation, with at least one vending machine on practically every street.


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