Ratjage Song Lyrics released in the year 2021 starring Gajendra Verma, Manasi Moghe. The song Ratjage was sung by Gajendra Verma. This movie/album was directed by Vikram Singh. The music was given by Gajendra Verma. The lyrics were Penned by Aseem Ahmed Abbasee. The music rights for song purely belongs to Virtual Planet Music

Ratjage Lyrics

Channa ve teri yaad sataye
Channa ve mujhe chain na aaye
Channa ve tu jo laut ke aaye
To dil mera shukar manaye
Aajave meri dhoopo ke saaye
Aajave mujhe meh jalaye
Aajave mujhe hizar mitaye
Mile to mujhe sab miljaye.

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Song Details

Singer Gajendra Verma
Lyricist Aseem Ahmed Abbasee
Composer Gajendra Verma
Star cast Gajendra Verma, Manasi Moghe, Ömür Orçun Alio?lu
Director Vikram Singh
Year 2021-02-10
Posted on
Music Label Virtual Planet Music