Base64 Converter

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Please provide a valid Base64 string or upload a file.You can convert audio, video, image, and text files up to a maximum size of 5MB for uploading and conversion.

About the Base64 Converter Tool

The Base64 Converter tool allows you to convert various types of data into Base64 format. You can input a Base64 string directly into the text area or upload a text file containing the Base64 data. Additionally, you can simply drag and drop a file onto the input area to initiate the conversion process.

How to Use the Base64 Converter Tool:

  1. Enter or drop the Base64 string into the input area.
  2. You can also upload a text file with the Base64 data by clicking the "Choose File" button or dragging and dropping the file onto the input area.
  3. Click the "Display Result" button to convert and display the output.
  4. Depending on the content type, the output will be shown as an image, audio player, video player, or text.
  5. You can download the converted file by clicking the "Download" button (if applicable).

This tool is useful for developers, designers, and anyone working with Base64-encoded data. It provides a convenient way to convert different types of data into the Base64 format, allowing for easier transmission or storage of the data in applications or systems that support Base64 encoding. The drag and drop functionality adds an extra level of convenience and simplifies the conversion process.

Try the Base64 Converter tool today and streamline your data conversion with the power of drag and drop!