Bottle Mani Song Song Lyrics from the movie/album Aethiree 2004 released in the year 2023. The song Bottle Mani Song was sung by Premji Amaran, Naveen, Chorus. The music was given by Yuvan Shankar Raja. The lyrics were Penned by Premji Amaran, Swathi. The music rights for song purely belongs to Gamer Eric

Bottle Mani Song Lyrics

Chorus : Oru Vanmurai Mun Varuvan
Oruvan Siruvan Ene
Vandhavanin Valuvil Thiramai Thiranai
Siru Seythavanai Oru Kaal Adithaal
Thalai Kaal Idam Maaridumey

Chorus : Theekereekaa…

Rapp : Watch Your Moves When I Feeling Right
Shake Your *** If You Are Feeling Tight
Put Your Hands High Up In The Air
Wave’em Around Like You Really Do Care
Do For The Base Row
When I Get Down On Studio
Watch Till Twenty Four Is Upon The Timer Card
Move It, Prove It If Your Feeling Hot
Bottle Bottle Mani, I Really Want Your Honey
Spit It That It Is So Easy
Oo I Like It Juicy
Get The Lead Up, Get It Done So High
Get It Fixed With A Raving Style
Don’t Know Who The Hell I Am
Waiting For The Boys
Bottle Mani

Chorus : Theekereekaa…
Just Don’t Care

Chorus : Oho Ho
Bottle Mani…(8)

Chorus : Theekereekaa…

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