Aaj Dil Shaayraana Song Lyrics from the movie/album Holiday released in the year 2015 starring Akshay Kumar, Sonakshi Sinha. The song Aaj Dil Shaayraana was sung by Arijit Singh. This movie/album was directed by A.R. Murugadoss. The music was given by Pritam. The lyrics were Penned by Irshad Kamil. The music rights for song purely belongs to Zee Music

Aaj Dil Shaayraana Lyrics

Aaj dil shairana shayrana shayrana shayrana shairana lagtha hei
Aaj dil shairana shayrana shayrana shayrana shairana lagtha hei
Udtha phire dil, utharna jane na
Aaj dil shaayaraana shairana shayrana shayrana shairana lagtha hai

Bigda hua dil sambhalna jane na
Aaj dil shayarana shayrana shayrana shayrana shayrana lagta hai
Jaggah jagah doonde tuje
Tujko doonde kayalon mein
Jahan jahan saya tera
Jaye raina wohi

Oh.. jagah jagah deke tuje chahathon ke khawalo main
Jahan jahan paye tuje bole jannath yahi
Aaj dil shayarana shayrana,shayrana lagtha hai

Suba doonda, pukara tuje shaam sham sham sham ko
Shaam sham sham sham ko
Khud se syada diya hai tere nam nam nam nam ko
Nam nam nam nam ko
Meri baatho mein tera
Aana jaana lagtha hai
Hai yahi ishqana ishqana ishqana ishqana ishqana lagtha hey
Aaj dil shaayarana.. yeh hmm, lagta hai

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