10 Android Secrets You Didn't Know Existed

Android Devices Are Packed With Features And Capabilities, But Did You Know There Are Several Hidden Secrets That Can Make Your Experience Even Better? In This Post, We'll Explore 10 Android Secrets You Probably Didn't Know Existed, From Hidden Menus To Secret Codes.

  1. Developer Options : Did You Know That Android Has A Secret Menu For Developers? To Access It, Go To Settings > About Phone And Tap On "Build Number" Seven Times. This Will Unlock Developer Options, Which Contains A Range Of Settings And Features For Advanced Users.

  2. Battery Usage Statistics : Want To Know Which Apps Are Using The Most Battery On Your Android Device? Go To Settings > Battery To View Detailed Usage Statistics And Identify Any Apps That May Be Draining Your Battery.

  3. Emergency Information : Android Devices Have A Built-in Emergency Information Feature, Which Allows You To Store Important Medical Information, Emergency Contacts, And More. To Access It, Go To Settings > Users & Accounts > Emergency Information.

  4. Google Lens : Google Lens Is A Powerful Tool That Allows You To Search For Information Using Your Camera. Simply Point Your Camera At An Object Or Text, And Google Lens Will Provide Relevant Information And Options.

  5. Hidden Game : Did You Know That Android Has A Hidden Game? Go To Settings > About Phone And Tap On "Android Version" Repeatedly Until The "N" Logo Appears. Tap On The Logo Repeatedly, And A Mini-game Will Appear.

  6. Guest Mode : Guest Mode Is A Useful Feature That Allows You To Create A Separate Profile For Guests To Use Your Android Device. To Enable Guest Mode, Go To Settings > Users & Accounts > Guest.

  7. Screen Pinning : Screen Pinning Is A Feature That Allows You To Lock Your Device To A Specific App Or Screen. This Is Useful If You Want To Lend Your Device To Someone But Don't Want Them To Access Other Apps Or Features. To Enable Screen Pinning, Go To Settings > Security > Screen Pinning.

  8. Secret Codes : Android Devices Have A Range Of Secret Codes That Can Provide Access To Hidden Features And Settings. For Example, Dialing ##4636## Will Bring Up A Hidden Menu With Battery And Network Information.

  9. System UI Tuner : System UI Tuner Is A Feature That Allows You To Customize The Quick Settings Menu And Other Interface Elements. To Access It, Swipe Down From The Top Of The Screen To Open Quick Settings, Then Long-press On The Settings Icon.

  10. Voice Access : Voice Access Is A Powerful Accessibility Feature That Allows You To Control Your Android Device Using Voice Commands. To Enable Voice Access, Go To Settings > Accessibility > Voice Access.

Conclusion: Android Devices Are Full Of Hidden Secrets And Features That Can Make Your Experience Even Better. From Hidden Menus To Secret Codes, These 10 Android Secrets Are Just The Beginning Of What's Possible. So Why Not Explore Your Device And See What Other Secrets You Can Uncover?

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